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SMTP authentication for Outlook Express 5 and Entourage on MacOS

Outlook Express 5 and Entourage on MacOS requires the following changes to be made in order for you to use SMTP authentication:

  1. Run Outlook Express or Entourage, under the Tools menu, select Accounts.
  2. Double-click on the desired account to open the Edit Account window.
  3. For SMTP Server, type: REMOTESMTP.WYITH.NET
  4. Click on the Advanced Sending Options button.
  5. Uncheck SMTP service requires secure connection (SSL)
  6. Check Override default SMTP port and change the port number to 5190 or 3389
  7. Check SMTP server requires authentication
  8. Ensure Use same settings as incoming mail server is selected.
  9. Click in the Edit Account window to close the advanced options window.
  10. Click OK

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